Sparking a thought to create  a revolution.

The Butterfly effect: The term, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a tornado (the exact time of formation, the exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier.

~ To bring about a change is to evolve. Evolving is not just opening our minds and lives to new experiences and enriching ourselves through it. Evolution is about constantly sparking/creating ideas/ determining ideologies.

Awareness –  The core part of Evolution is Awareness. Awareness is equally inside and outside. Awareness outside and inside when in union co-create this evolution.

When a mind is aware it is then capable of evolving other minds and hence capable of a revolution.

Humans have evolved over time through this spark in thought not by following a cyclic pattern of life nor by living their life without realizing the true purpose of existence but by choosing to go deep within one selves and within the world to create something new.

Be Creative, don’t Idolize and  learn everyday.




Concentration- A practiced Virtue

A fact to ponder upon: Our lungs respire (follow the breathing process) even though we aren’t aware of it, even though we do not think of it. It is happening continuously, obviously till we are alive.

Similarly, the blood being pumper by our heart, the digestion process in the stomach happens inside our body dedicatedly. Oops! The stomach sometimes may not perform up to the mark Eh!

Anyways, why is it only the mind that is said to wander? A MIND IS LIMITLESS. Every corner, every part of it has a different genre of information stored in it. Now to say a mind is wandering would be understood as the shifting of awareness from one part inside it to another, from one thought to the other, temporarily and in short intervals.

Concentration is keeping awareness to one part of the mind for as long as we can. It is like getting a home for a traveller. Have you ever been taught how to concentrate in schools or by your parents at home as if it were a subject? The answer would be NO in most cases.

Bringing awareness to one part of a mind can be done by practicing the art of doing one thing at a time just as the different parts in our body dedicatedly do one job but in totality. Learning and practicing makes us do that.

Our awareness shifts focus from one thing in the mind to another. Focussing on that one thing, one task at hand and sticking to it lets the awareness stay, isolated from other thoughts and making that one part of our brain work overtime helps us focus more.

Unwavering focus lets you manifest that energy into what you want to achieve. Concentrating makes you dive deep into that part of your brain and convert that energy into something meaningful.

It is a process and learning achieved through meditation.

Let’s make it our daily motto of doing one thing at a time and doing it in totality.

Joy and Contentment

Mankind is trying to become more comfortable and happy, be it better lifestyle and comfort, health etc. For the last 100 years many changes have taken place and especially in the last about 50 years the way of living the day to day life has bought immense comforts.


Life was the same for generations, for the last thousands of years, the real changes came after World War 2, science, technology and innovation altered day to day life be it transportation, telecommunication and lifestyle. Air-conditioned, weather controlled houses, glitzy transportation, state of the art toilets and bathrooms, exotic food and innovative entertainment at the press of a touch phone is a norm now. India, with probably the highest population on earth has no shortage of food thanks to advanced agriculture plus trading with other countries of food grains, pulses etc.

Having done such great advancement by mankind in technology, whether it is related to plumbing, Agriculture, computers etc but the levels of happiness and contentment instead of going on a higher scale has gone down. It is observed that 50-60 years ago we had higher happiness index, even though we did not have such comfort.

We were happy to take bath in cold water from a single tap in the bathroom, use bicycle as a transport, travelled in a non A/C train for days between North/South of the country and now with the most modern plumbing fixtures, swanky air conditioned cars for transport and a few hours journey in modern aircrafts. The question came, that we shared gloriously happy and smiling as compared to our earlier times travelling in non air conditioned trains but alas, I have observed, worrisome and tense faces with sorrow and anguish looming. We have more misery than what it was before but I wonder why? We have chosen the misery instead of happiness. We are solely responsible for it.


I had read somewhere that human beings are UNHAPPY .Something deep inside has gone wrong. They chose to be unhappy. Human beings can have consciousness, so they can choose to be happy or be in misery. Birds are simply happy because they cannot be unhappy. Their happiness is not their freedom, they have no choice. The bird chirping or flying in the morning is happy not because it has chosen to be happy, they have no choice, and they have to be happy.


Human beings have choice – to be greatly happy and blissful or be in misery and unhappiness. The choice is with them, they are safely responsible. They have chosen to be unhappy and living in their misery even though science and technology have given them the comfort parameters to the highest extent. Even if you have conquered all the riches of the world, and have not lost the inner treasure of being happy what is the use of this immense conquering of the world.

Nowadays there are meditation workshops, motivational lectures etc but all this is not for a happy person. Meditation is like a medicine given to an unhappy person. A happy person needs no religion, no temple church or mosque because the whole world is his temple. People go to religion when they are unhappy. He is fit and tuned with life and enjoys even trivial things like a fresh morning, birds singing on a tree or a sunrise he is with nature. He takes day to day life in the most playful way he has dropped all patterns imposed by the society.


Mankind and society doesn’t approve of happiness. A happy person is considered to be enjoying his life and anybody who is enjoying it is taken as irresponsible and a burden to the society whereas a serious person with a lazy face is acceptable. He also gets sympathy from others. It is a norm, that whoever says that I am blissful and happy is considered unacceptable. Folks go to temples, churches, Gurudwaras or Mosques begging for more and more. Isn’t it the greatest prayer that God is great and whatever he has given is also great and future (Which is yet to be born) will also be great.


We have been in misery in these modern times, that we are sick and tired of being in it so we desire to be in happiness and the very desire of happiness is causing misery. Desire is the future – one that is not born and by this destiny, we spoil our present “NOW”. Now is always happy. Just try your best to be miserable now. (Burying the past and not thinking of future) however you try, you cannot be miserable in this moment. So you suffer misery in the hope of distant pleasure by desiring more and more.


Absolute contentment gets you total happiness. Absolute contentment is the one which never leaves you. A contentment that comes and goes is contentment between two miseries, it comes and goes and is purely a gap between two miseries. Be real and see this pattern.

Try to understand your contentment, your happiness, your anguish, your ego trips – see your pattern. You can change yourself; all is in your hands.

Joy arises out of your own core-it is independence of an external source.

“Try to understand your misery. Go deep into it and try to know why it is there – you will discover that there is no misery.”

Entertainment cannot give you happiness, it is just a way to avoid oneself. Only a joyless person needs entertainment. As we see, we are getting more joyless, are addicted to the entertainment of “TV”, Films, Whatsapp etc….




Getting into the mysticism of numbers, making them stands out and stressing their significance in one’s life are something I haven’t always put faith in. Being a person of logic but believing in Karma has made me think that Numbers (Years/Age) could be mapped as phases of life. These phases could be termed as Intense, dormant or life changing where intense/life changing being the ones where one gains some new knowledge, alters his/her path in life or enters a new phase in life.

Taking example of society, where a child starts from walking and speaking to going to school and college at a certain age which is similar for most with a few exceptions, there are patterns in ages which form these phases.

Segregating these phases as per numbers would be as simple as separating Prime numbers from Composite numbers. Example Ages 2-3 is the one where a child learns to talk and age 5 is the most rapid brain development age and an age where usually one enters Kindergarten or reception.

Similarly Age 13 is considered the onset of puberty or more popularly teenage and 19 is considered as the end of teenage. Age 17 is where one usually goes from high school to college. All the above precisely being “Prime numbers”.

Hence Prime numbers are said to be the ones with either life changing or intensely active years. Similarly the ones which could be dormant are the ones with higher factors than most.

Check for yourself and see if it stands true for you. Would love your comment/reply on the same to know the accuracy of this numerologic.


One or Many

To be one is the same as being different,they are two sides of the same story.
Why is it always said that we should be one with the universe to feel elevated? That we should be one with our inside to attain enlightenment.
As a common thought we perceive our body as one and different from another human but have we ever given thought that this body is made up of cells which are individual too, we still can’t  call these cells as one entity as they can further be subdivided. Similarly from the universe’s perspective there are different planets but a planet is one as a whole .
In all religious texts God is considered as one which in real is this whole universe or God is in us hence we need to unite with our inner-self as we are the universe.
Entities are different,surroundings are different but still everything is interrelated to each other.
The revolution of the earth depends on the sun,if not for the sun it wont revolve. The growing of a new cell is from the parts of an older cell. As per Hindu and Greek culture there are many  Gods but all of them are interrelated and are never solely responsible for the universe’s coexistence.It is their being one,the ultimate one which is the answer.
Many have proposed theories of how the universe began,the big bang being the most popular one but if we relax,meditate and think we know it was one and is still one.
Just as the spirit goes from one body to another and the body energy is transferred back to the five elements everything remains in this universe because there is nothing away and beyond where it can escape..there is…only one.
The more we get this awareness that we are one with every other thing around us the more we will be closer to being complete,being a Buddha.
Bringing this awareness can be done by a simple meditation of feeling the earth with our bare feet while standing and keeping our eyes closed and imagining our mind as the universe expanding .
This simple 5 minute meditation will help us understand our inner connection with our outer-self.

Back to the roots

The other day I was reading an article on micro spaces and a CEO of a big company promoting such spaces which are on an up rise in US. Micro spaces are homes and apartments designed with the idea of keeping the costing minimum by installing only needed equipment and furniture hence keeping the space peaceful yet elegant.
But as the charm of things being good when they are new and losing their sheen as time goes on is what might happen in this case as well and people would want something else years from now.
It is the simplicity which needs to be looked at when something is invented that simplicity is always lost. Be it the idea that the earth was round being discovered thousands of year ago from when we know it was actually discovered. It is said that a form of Krishna born as a wild boar saved the earth by balancing the sphere on its grunting tusk.
Music when invented was one which is still considered supreme, Bach and Mozart being the examples of it, we Indians may say songs have lost its way now from what they were in 60’s .
It’s the same for absolutely everything else you can point out at.
Much to the chagrin of mankind wanting to slay back to the old simple living, easy thinking the shift seems quiet delirious.
Hence come manmade peace in simple living through micro homes with minimal furniture and appliances readymade for people to move in and find a consolation for what they thought would be a meditative lasting happiness.
No doubt it would reduce the hassles of a regular home life but then after a while when a person grows out of it the purpose still remains unaddressed.

As early as human society was formed it was decided that a group of intellectuals wander out to find the true purpose of mankind’s existence while the rest continue to help grow the society and prosper .Over time the cause for which the spirituals had wandered off got lost, the human race got busy in their own daily tasks of life, formed rules of living and hence lost what they wanted which was to find their true purpose of life. Over the last 15 years with the awareness of diminishing resources and the scares given by mother nature relating global warming mankind has taken a step back from the life they are leading , gaining trust in their spiritual self and are slowly moving onwards to the path where they want to find their real purpose of life.

So much is focussed on rules and regulations when it comes to how we lead our lives that we forget that the path towards spirituality is one’s own destiny and one cannot go as per the book to attain it. They ensure that our main goals and objectives are not changed or steered off course. However, there is a danger that our ways of thinking and doing things can become too rigid over time.

“At the point of submission you channel the wisdom of God to humanity. No judgement, no control, but total surrender to be used for the greater Good. Your light shines through.”


If Destiny is decided then it is not for a certain definitive moment in time but for every moment that is about to happen as well.

If it has been decided /written that whatever is going to happen every moment from now , it would be a relative term to say whether someone has surpassed his/her ability or someone has not performed fully to his capability because in God’s vision it has all been pre-written and never comes as a surprise.

Destiny/fate as we call is an ultimate realization towards the path of salvation.

We as humans call it the effect of a cause. As someone famous once said after remaining totally calm being fired abuses at,” There was no point shouting back as it was my bad Karma from a past life which has resulted and is coming back in the form of these words to me or in other words in some other life/form/time I might have done something similar and is coming back to me.

This cause and effect has been described as the very basis of life.

Thinking from a different point of view while keeping the Buddhist ideology, if the saint had accused the man back it would still not come as a surprise to the creator watching it all as it was not intended / written to be. But since the bad karma has been built it would definitely cause a desired effect in another moment of life which we do not know.

This makes me come back to the point of living in the now since whatever is destiny is a future moment and so is death.

“Being selflessly aware of the now, while not building a bad Karma around is the only possible way of getting rid of the circle of life and death.”

The purpose of being

The hustle and bustle jolts your body, shakes it up and moves you forward. Without much effort you are pushed and shoved forward into the direction of the light. No, I am not describing a scene of a typical Delhi metro station; rather this is an experience of a temple in India where crowds flock to see just a glimpse of God. Being both bemused and amazed by the patience and dedication of the “devotees” as they called themselves,  I asked one of them, the purpose of them visiting this holy place in such numbers. Pat came the reply – “It’s the lord, the murti(statue of God) came out of the ground and one look at it would be enough to fullfill all my ambitions and desires”. I asked him of his ambitions and he said he wanted a house of his own and a good job. I tried asking some other people to know why they came to the temple and got similar replies , some wanted good health, some wanted money while some came to give a daan(offerings to God) in order to fullfill their dream. There were a few exceptions, who came there to be with God and find peace. To their shock they were shoved out of the temple as soon and as they had entered it along with the massive crowd and could catch only a glimpse of God for whom they had travelled and come this far. Such is the devotion and patience in our country that the people are not deterred by all this and want to happily return again.

I can safely coin this as faith. But, if we read the text which is considered as the apex of all philosophies and ask ourselves is this really what God wants us to be. Putting some light on this I shall explain what Chapter 8 of the Bhagvat Gita tries to explain.

“Hands to work and mind to God”

If we think of ourselves as modern age Arjunas , delusional by our purpose of existence in this world having questions like What is the self? What are fruitive activities? What is this material manifestation? And what are the demigods?

We should remember to carry out our prescribed duties whilst keeping the thought of God in mind all the time. With our activities dedicated to the cosmic form of the super soul, the unknown creator of all and our mind fixed to it we shall attain all we want.

Easier said than done, to find the true purpose of life we shall have to keep our hands focused on the work we do and not our mind to it. What we see around us is people having materialistic desires or attachments to other beings which makes them do just the opposite i.e mind to work and hands to God where they pray to God with folded hands to give them health, wealth and prosperity. We shall never be able to attain our true purpose in life through this.

The seeker of truth, the seeker of knowledge and the one who works hard for it, and the one who dedicated his mind to meditation ,is the one who shall attain a high life form and know his purpose of existence. In Buddhist terms such a person is known to be enlightened.

The yogic situation is that of detachment from all sensual engagements. Closing all the doors of the senses and fixing the mind on the heart and the life air at the top of the head, one establishes himself in yoga.


Realizations by ‘Shikha Puri’


When is the last time you had a talk with someone and they didn’t say they WEREN’T busy?!

A conversation usually goes like this:

“How are you guys?”

“Oh you know, we’ve got such n such going on and then there’s such n such coming up. We’re runnin’ from one thing to the next.”

“Oh I know. We are so busy too.”

It’s such a common place that we come to expect people to say they are busy. And we think nothing of it when we say how busy we are.

But we should.

When’s the last time you WEREN’T hurrying to get somewhere?  Didn’t have adrenaline rushing through your veins on the way to work or to drop off your kids to this or that class?

All this being busy and hurrying everywhere reeks havoc on our nervous system. It keeps us in stress mode. And that affects EVERY system in us – immune system, digestive…you name it.

And our children???

Our children’s generation is the first to be so darn rushed all the time from a young age on. What do we think is going to be the impact on our children’s developing brains, hearts, bodies, and relationships to be so hurried all the time, to be so in stress mode all the time???

So, sometime back I had enough. I had enough of treating the clock as a god. I had enough of hurrying my girls to eat to sleep and get to school to get to class and so on…  I was appalled at how the dentist recently (though knowledgeable and kind) hurried my daughter through her dental check up with rushed hands — and how they probably did this with every other child that day and no other parent thought ANYTHING of it.  Why? Because we are used to it!  We are used to our bodies and presence not being regarded as sacred.

Well, enough, I said.

Sitting alone one weekend with nothing planned…I looked around and I thought, “This is crazy. Our culture has lost all regard for honoring the sacredness of the body, for reverencing and honoring its flow. I refuse to teach my children to not honor their bodies. Let them sleep. Let them eat. Peacefully. Enough. I call for a family ban on being busy and in a hurry.”

Maybe it’s this mid-life shift thing I’m going through (it’s not a crisis and it’s not an awakening. I’m awake. Now I’m just takin’ action n shiftin’ stuff. Big time.).  I’m taking more responsibility for MY life and how I want to live it. No one else is going to be at my deathbed with me and the divine.

It’s going to be me and the Big G reflecting back on my life and asking, “Did I love fully?  Did I live fully?”

It won’t be: “Did I pick the girls from climbing on time?”

Did we reach in time?

Instead I’ll recall images of me being present with my children.  I’ll recall regarding them and seeing, really SEEING, their needs…and responding to them.  I’ll recall cuddling my daughter awhile longer when she spends a few minutes with me before saying goodnight, even though we are late for bedtime. I’ll recall letting my eldest sleep in, leisurely watching her (with my eyes, my attention, my tone of voice), before I leave for school.  I’ll recall the times I remembered what is most important.

So it’ll take some time (ha!) to get the busy and the hurry out of our nervous systems. But I am committing myself to “the ban on busy”. I’m committing myself to not being in a hurry.  To slowing it all down.  And really, there is no time to be in a rush.  Life is precious.  Short and precious.


The Observer

Starting my blog has come as a practice to pen down all the thoughts and all those paraphrases written in bits and pieces here and there that would make a difference to me and to the others through me.

Tension has nothing to do with what is outside you and everything to do with what is inside you.img_20161204_164125424

“Don’t call it a problem, keep it as a challenge”

All we do is find an external excuse to rationalize our tension. We are living outside ourselves hence the inner world remains dark.

To light up the inner we need to focus on our inner self. It will not come suddenly, it is a transformation.

The root cause of the problem should be gone into depth and if one just goes deeply and looks at the problem as an outsider the solution comes in an instant. The problem has risen, tension has built up and the cunning mind keeps on and on and on and on… around it .But if one understands the game one’s mind plays, a solution is there. Rather, many times there is no need of the solution because in reality there is no problem.

For example: A person starts worrying about some imaginary future problems which might come (Losing a job, missing a raise or some other similar future event and starts worrying then the cunning mind just feeds on such things, even if one wants to get away from the same, the mind clings to it and the whole of the present time is destroyed.)

Meditation is not a solution, it is a path. Meditation is not a must; it is a way of life.